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How to create a group in instagram

How to create a group in instagram

The Instagram group feature, which has been integrated into Instagram’s native apps for quite some time, will now be available to all Android and IOS users. To capture, alter and send photos and videos, will make your experience a lot more convenient. One of the key benefits of the group feature is that people can upload their content to a public or private group, post photos in a group, comment or tag to a group, and add and view the follower list of a group. You can choose to join group chats or create a group chat in the same way that you create a new story.

How to make group on Instagram in 2022

What is Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform. Lots of people use it to post photos, videos, and messages with friends. This app allows you to create groups so that you can share your posts in one place as well as interact with other Instagram users who are also members of the group at any given time

What is instagram groups?

An Instagram group is a collection of Instagram accounts, which are related to each other. It helps in creating a community and sharing content. The main purpose of an Instagram Group is to share pictures, videos or messages on the social media platform with your friends and followers..

Many people know that Instagram has a group feature. But, how many of you are aware of the “how to create a group in Instagram” If it still doesn’t work for you then don’t worry because we have a detailed explanation with the latest updates and steps on how to do so.

Step by step how to make group in instagram

  1. First, go to Instagram App then Tap send or messenger in the top right icon shown in image below

2. Then Tap add chats icon on the top right corner of the chats page menu

3. Select your more the 2 friends using which you want to add and Tap on the chat

4. Your group is done now send messages, photos, videos etc

After sending messages you see the group name option then you give the group name to that Instagram group

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