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How to earn money as a teenager in India in 2022

The notion of having a job is popularly associated with adults. As the society, we live in is ever-growing and dynamic, graduating from school to take up a profession or having a job are two options that many young people consider. However, it would be an oversimplification to mention the job market as only available to adults. Young people can also be seen working and contributing to the economy. But how? We have come up with a handy guide on how to earn money as a teenager

How to earn money as a teenager in India

1. Learn A Skill

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Start learning a skill make sure that you are investing as much time and energy into learning a skill that people would want to pay you for What are the skills these can be skill side video editing, graphics, designing social media content writing.

There are a lot of the skills that are highly paid and have a card over you can watch that video in which I’ve talked about the highly paid skills that you can learn that will be great for you can check out if you’re interested and once you have learned this skill then it’ll be all about how well can you properly market it to other people how can you get clients for yours.

You would basically become a freelancer and you’ll be working with multiple clients on multiple projects. I think this is a great way for you to get started because you are just in your learning phase, you’ve just gotten started you can either get an internship or you can start doing this freelance gets I have made numerous videos with students who are attending school and were also freelancing on the side working with clients and making anywhere between $500 to 2000 dollars per month that does not guarantee that you will also make that much but there is a possibility that people are able to do that. [How to earn money as a teenager in India ]

2. Sell things and notes in school and online

How to earn money as a teenager in India

How to earn money as a teenager in India in this would be to sell things in school. I have seen a lot of kids in my own class and they used to actually sell scooby strings designs if you remember the These strings with which you can make these incredible designs and so the used as we sell those were the people and people actually bought a lot of them and so my friend used to make like 500 rupees every single day and they were very much happy that I personally used to sell designer pens. I’ve also tried selling those Posters those motivational posters and a lot of people end up buying that in school and now let’s talk about the next part and this is where you take the advantage of the internet and the best part about the internet is that things scale very well, you are no longer delivering to your classmates.

You can sell your notes online on studypool on studypool. you can earn 10$ when someone buys your notes and you can also teach there .

3. Make YouTube Videos

You can also start to create content on YouTube we can also start blogging the best part about doing YouTube is that you can talk about whatever you think is interesting for you and then you can have affiliate links in the description and that is how you can earn a decent living a very simple example is think of you starting a channel in which you are talking about designs you make videos around designs and then you start talking about let’s say canvas tutorial. And so then what you can do this in the description. you can just an affiliate link of Canva and that is how you can start generating a good chunk of revenue.

Monetizing your youtube channel is one of the best ways to earn money as a teenager. Monetization helps you gain more subscribers and views, which in turn makes you more visible on youtube. The visibility improves with every new video that you upload and increases the chances of getting discovered by brands looking for influencers to promote their products or services.

4. Approach busy people

approach influencers for YouTubers of Businessman basically people who have a lot of things to handle in their day-to-day tasks you would then basically just, for example, people who make YouTube videos. I would make subtitles for your videos for I would actually be handling your social media would be creating posts for your Instagram some things like that. If you can help the people who have a lot to handle on the plate that would be a great way for you to start earning as well. You need to the email of people and so you have a high chance that people will ask you to say yes, [How to earn money as a teenager in India]

5. Started teaching kids online

start teaching young kids. You can look around your society You can find younger kids who you think can be taught a particular subject or a particular skill or a particular hobby. Just think that you can reach out to their parents and you can show them a look at this. I have been 95/100 in social science and mathematics for science or Hindi or English whatever it is. Any can basically just say this is what I have done. Now I can teach the same thing to your kid. I think this is an incredible beginning stage. I think it’s very much likely that you can get a lot of kids because the parents actually see that you have the merit and you can teach their kids. How to earn money as a teenager in India

So they would be more than happy to do that. You can charge like 500 rupees 1000 2000 3000 rupees every single month from them and even have let say 10 kids in your tuition. That would be also a great way for you to start earning on a small scale by far.[ How to earn money as a teenager in India]

Make Money By Starting A Blog

In today’s fast-paced world, there is no time to waste. It is important for the youth to get started with blog writing as soon as possible. There are many reasons why it’s a good idea for young people to start blogging early on in their careers

The blog will help you to make money by providing a platform for you to communicate with your audience. It will also provide the space for interacting with others and connecting them. The blog is an excellent way of making new friends and promoting yourself in front of people who are interested in what you have to say or share.

Start podcast

You can start podcasting at the age of 16, with help from your parents or friends. There are many podcast companies that provide training and hosting services for free or cheap. These companies have thousands of shows available on their websites where you can learn how to start podcasting as well as improve your skills over time

There are many ways to make money through podcasting, but the most common way is to sell advertising. You can also earn money through sponsorships, donations, and merchandise sales. There are many different podcast networks out there, so it’s important to find one that suits your interests and expertise. Once you have a following, you can start charging for your episodes

Podcasts are on-demand audio and video shows that can be downloaded via podcast apps like iTunes or Google Play. You can create your own podcast using your smartphone’s recording app, then publish it online through services like spotify or YouTube.


Instagram is a great way to earn money as a teenager. Here are few ways that you can make money with instagram,

  1. Sell products and services on your Instagram account.

If you’re selling products or services, it’s important to have a strong Instagram account. You can use your account to create photos of your products and promote them to your followers. You can also use Instagram to find potential customers, and offer them discounts or incentives for purchasing your products.

2.Do sponsor posts for brands or products that you’re interested in..

3. Charge for access to exclusive content, such as backstage footage from your favorite celebrities’ lives or behind-the-scenes shots from your favorite music concerts.

4. Create custom Instagram accounts for businesses

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6. conclusion

All that you can do is either affiliate or start a YouTube channel for you can actually start learning a skill I would recommend you to start learning a skill and that will be the best thing that you would ever do. {How to earn money as a teenager in India}

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