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Initial Stages of Blogging, What you should do?

Initial Stages of Blogging, What you should do?

Every blogger has a dream to earn more money and become rich. While it’s true that you can make money from blogging, at the same time there are few things that need to be kept in mind in the very initial stages of blogging. Blogging is attracting more and more young minds these days than before. The reason is simple if you do succeed in creating a successful blog, you can take up blogging as career. All it takes is you need to write really well and attract lots of traffic to your web pages.

Initial Stage of Blogging What you should do

Here are few things that you can keep in mind for initial blogging days.

Once you are at a stage where your blog has quite a big user base. Then you can start thinking of money. But as a new blogger chances are that you will fire your cylinders in all direction because you want to be successful like other bloggers. Or you are too motivated to concentrate on basic things. And when that happens a blogger starts making mistakes. There will be hardly any blogger who has not done any mistake in his/her blogging career. So that’s fine. But then finding right path is equally important.

1. Write Good Quality Content.

Top most thing that a newbie should focus on is building quality content for the blog. Think for a moment that you are looking for something on internet. And you get struck on a website which has got a good solution for the problem you are looking for. You will surely appreciate it. And may recommend it further. Which will help in building up its user base. So good unique content is very important.

Now there is another good part of it, search engines like good content a lot. That means you will gain better rank in google search results by having good quality content.

There is another thing related to content and that is, you need to keep on writing, which means do at least one post a day. If you can do more that’s well and good. But one post a day is kind mandatory/reasonably demanding. Because search engines love the blog where they see fresh content every day.

2. Now after focusing content you need to work of traffic and readership.

That means you need to make your stuff available for people to look for. In this regards a very important thing that comes to my mind is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You better master this technique. In the beginning it could be bit difficult to good SEO or rather how to do it altogether. But believe me it’s very easy these days.

If you are ruining your blog in WordPress it’s very simply to do SEO for your site/blog. There are many good SEO Plug-Ins available free, which you can install on your blogsite and start using them.

3. Social Media viewership.

Promoting on social media is not only easy but also very rewarding. Focus on promoting your website on social media. Or rather plan a Promotion strategy for your blog. There are many social media platform that you can use. Like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest etc.

For Facebook all you have to do is join few relevant groups out there and once you become member there, you can start posting your blog post the groups.


4. You need to have an attractive Blog.

As a new blogger your focus must be on making your blog attractive to people who visit it. Now how to do that? Well there are many ways that you can focus on like: using good quality unique image, making you page easy to read, for that you must do some R&D on Fonts’ families, sizes etc. There are some fonts which are easy to read and they look good. But others are just… you know what I mean.

Now there comes the theme of the blog, try finding a good but not so professional looking theme for you blog. It should have well defined sections, where you can place various widgets and content on it. The whole idea is make sure the theme is cool and simple.

5. Take time out/ forget most of the time pass stuff.

So as a blogger you need to work really hard. Since there are many things which you need to take care. So devote as much time as possible on Content building, Doing SEO and promotions.

Make sure that you are getting rid of all unnecessary activities from your life. For some period in the beginning, you might have to put in your life into your blog. I have seen many part-time bloggers, they kind of keep on doing it on and off. But then it takes lots of time to reach a stage where they can call themselves successful bloggers.

If can have these three main qualities in you: Hard work, Writing Well and Mastering SEO. Then you can be confident of having a good and successful blog one day.

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