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How to Benefit from Chanting of Om, Aum is the sound of the universe

How to Benefit from Chanting of Om

Significance of Om Mantra                

Om or Aum is the sound of the universe. Considered sacred for various reasons, it is the spiritual icons for all Dharmic religions. In addition to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism both hold special significance for Om. For Hinduism in particular, it represents Shatpath Brahman and the Atman. Being the embodiment of the mystic syllable, it holds different meanings in each of the different religions.

How to Benefit from Chanting of Om

Even in Sikhism, Ik Onkar is a variation of Om. It’s etymological origins still remain unclear.

How to Chant

Following is the appropriate procedure to chant and reap maximum benefits from the chanting.

Step 1: Find a calm place in your house where you can find peace. The calm surroundings contribute to peace of mind.

Step 2: Place a yoga mat and dress in lose comfortable clothes. Light colors like yellow, orange and white are appropriate and make reaping maximum benefits possible.

Step 3: Select a period of something between 10-30 minutes. It is essential that you begin slowly and proceed according to your progress.

Step 4:  Sit in a cross-legged position or padmasana on the yoga mat. Begin by chanting Om aloud. It      allows you to concentrate better. Repeat it for the selected period.

Health Benefits of Chanting Om

  1. It relaxes the muscles making the mitochondria in the muscle cells burn energy faster. Not only does it cleanse your aura, purify your environment but it also makes burns carbohydrates faster.
  2. Muscles, sometimes also owe their strength to use and disuse. The vibration from Om also generates strength if chanting is done with utmost dedication.
  3. The chanting of Om makes a vibration sound in our vocal chords. This vibration of the vocal chords and the sinus opens various pores that helps healing sinus problems gradually if done regularly.
  4. The chanting of Om cleanses not only our aura but it also heals our body from within. It owes better immunity, strengthening our immune system with the help of energy generated from the mantra.
  5. Chanting of Om also has cardiovascular benefits. It improves the rate of beating of heart, regulating blood flow and blood pressure. It is therefore largely beneficial for blood pressure patients.
  6. Because of faster burning of carbohydrates, it gives the energy generation metabolism a chance to burn the stored fats in unwanted regions, which can later prove detrimental in old age. Thus, chanting of Om can also help in weight loss.
  7. The internal viscera, namely the diaphragm, muscles surrounding the rib cage supporting the respiratory and digestive system alike can aid both in digestion and in respiration.
  8. It strengthens the spinal cord improving nerve impulse circulation.
  9. Clenched fists, during chanting of Om concentrate energy in the form of ionic metabolites. These charged palms when rubbed over the eyes, improves eyesight. The charged palms upon rubbing on the face can give a brighter personality.
  10. It cures thyroid functions by stimulating the secretion level of the cells of the thyroid.

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