Getting your Website/Blog Alexa Ranking under 50,000 in next 1 Months

Getting your Website/Blog Alexa Ranking under 50,000 in next 1 Months

There are many ways which you can take to improve the Alexa Rank of your blog or website, but certainly there are is one way which improve you website or blogs Alexa ranking dramatically. Not only that you can get this rank below 50000 just in month. The only condition is you need to follow certain instruction properly

Alexa Rank below 10k

So let’s first understand the way Alexa Rank works. It’s very important for blog owners and webmaster to understand this mechanism of Alexa ranking algorithm. Many people think that Alexa ranking is only determined the amount of traffic your website gets. But surprising this is not the case.

For your information Alexa rank is not directly linked to any of the following, links, back links comments or content or anything more than this. To your surprise it is based on the number of hits your blog or website gets from the users who have installed Alexa rank tool bar in their browser.

So what is the task : Get Traffic from the bloggers and web masters who have Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers?

That simply means your usual traffic will not going to affect/ work more. You need to get very focused on getting your blog read by people having Alexa toolbar that will help a lot in improving Alexa rank

If you can get about 200-250 such visitors per day!   You are done. Your sites rank will come down somewhere below 50 k mark J


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